Located in the Washington D.C Metro Area, GlobalCarPoint has been exporting cars worldwide since 1991.

GlobalCarPoint focuses on serving only automobile dealers and importers worldwide. GlobalCarPoint strives to establish long-term relationships with our cooperatives globally, by providing them with the best possible service. Therefore establishing loyal customers and a mutual relationship based on confidence and reliability.

GlobalCarPoint specializes in locating new automobiles of all makes and models to accommodate to each individual customer's needs.


We strive to deliver the precise vehicle requested in a timely fashion, while ensuring the most competitive pricing available.

How GlobalCarPoint Operates:

1. Inquiry:
Customers inquire about vehicles that they are interested in. At this point, we would require a description of the vehicle, including exterior and interior color, a list of desired and undesired options.

2. Locate:
If we do not have the precise vehicle you are looking for in our inventory, we will locate the vehicle from one of our sources.

3. Quote:
Once we have successfully located your requested vehicle, you will receive a quote from GlobalCarPoint that includes pricing for the vehicle.

4. Payment Arrangements:
We offer a variety of payment options for your convenience.
- A letter of credit
- Full Payment - A direct wire transfer prior to shipment
- Finance FOB - A deposit is placed prior to shipment, following shipment and the submission of the bill of lading; the remaining balance will be due. Financing charges may apply.
- Finance CF - A deposit is placed prior to shipment; Global CarPoint will finance payment up to the port of destination. The vehicle will be released after the remaining balance is paid in full. Finance charges will apply.

5. Shipping Arrangements:
GlobalCarPoint works hand in hand with some of the most prominent shipping lines available on a day-to-day basis. GlobalCarPoint will arrange for any and all shipping requirements and documentation prior to shipment. We will use the shipping line that provides the most efficient and effective service for your specific needs. However, if you prefer to use a private organization of your own, we will happily accommodate to any transportation requirements of theirs that may arise.